Sam, Nathan & Boyd | A family portrait shoot | Glasgow

As wedding photographers we got this wonderful job of running around with big cameras, collecting people’s memories from that very important day in their lives. But what happens after that day or… before that day? What happens in your everyday life? Aren’t those ordinary moments without confetti worth remembering too? One thing we are really keen […]

From Russia to Edinburgh… with Love | Portrait photography in Scotland

A couple of months ago I had a peculiar enquire that came all the way from Russia: four friends travelling in Scotland would make a short stop in Edinburgh and they wanted me to take some photographs of them. Most people rely on their point-and-shoot or phones cameras to remember their holidays, but not these […]

Waiting for Ane | A baby bump photo shoot at the Botanic Gardens | Glasgow

When I first met this lady six years ago, I didn’t think that her Basque roots would grow in Scottish lands. But here you can see her, all grown and blooming as she was last December, just a few weeks before the newest member of the family arrived. All photographs © Ingrid Mur