Welcome to imurchan’s blog, a place for photographs and work in progress.

Behind imurchan is artist and photographer Ingrid Mur and here are a few facts about me:

I specialise in arts, event and alternative wedding photography. I like working with other creative minds.

I also draw and paint – I hold a degree in Fine Arts.

I like making things with my hands. I’m a crafty person!

My cat is named Annie after Woody Allen’s film ‘Annie Hall’.

I speak Spanish. | Hablo español.

For those who came across this blog looking for a wedding photographer… Lucky you, you have found two! I’m one half of a team, with the other half being my very talented partner Alex. Although we had been working together for more than two years (you can see some of the stories that we have documented here on this blog), we have just launched our new brand and website. You can find us under the banner of The Drawing Room and follow @drawingroomphotography on Instagram for (almost) daily updates.

Alex and I met thanks to our work as music photographers (I think it all started with a Wilco’s gig). Together we bring our experience documenting music and arts onto our wedding photography, all infused with a strong component of visual storytelling. We’re a creative pair who like doing things differently and we love working with other creative people. If you’re getting married, eloping with your other half to a remote location or throwing a big party for your entire neighbourhood… whatever and wherever you want a visual record of that special day, we’d love to hear from you! Just drop us an email at drawingroomphotography@gmail.com and we can start thinking how we might be part of it all.

For a broad selection of photography work you can visit my website.

For other enquires, please contact me at ingrid.murca@gmail.comI’d love to hear a little bit about yourself and what brought you here!

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