From Russia to Edinburgh… with Love | Portrait photography in Scotland

A couple of months ago I had a peculiar enquire that came all the way from Russia: four friends travelling in Scotland would make a short stop in Edinburgh and they wanted me to take some photographs of them. Most people rely on their point-and-shoot or phones cameras to remember their holidays, but not these guys. They wanted to be in their photos and here they are. Ekaterina, Raya and the two Maxim in a cold afternoon in Edinburgh (apparently colder than Moscow).

russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0001 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0002 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0003 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0004 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0005 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0006 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0007 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0008 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0009 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0010 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0011 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0012 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0013 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0014 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0015 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0016 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0017 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0018 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0019 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0020 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0021 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0022 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0023 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0024 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0025 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0026 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0027 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0028 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0029 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0030 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0031 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0032 russianfriends_edinburgh2014_blog_0033All photographs © Ingrid Mur


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