Luis & Natalia | A couples photo-shoot in Glasgow | Scotland

I met Natalia and Luis a few years ago in Glasgow. Many things have happened since then. They were back in Spain for a little while before moving to Colombia and then, Mexico. They came back to Scotland for this photoshoot last December and we went for a walk around the area where they used to live. Now that the word is out there, we can finally share these photos with you. Yes, they are getting married… and Alex and I are very excited about photographing their wedding this summer in Barcelona!

natalia_luis_pre_blog_0001 natalia_luis_pre_blog_0002natalia_luis_pre_blog_0040.jpgnatalia_luis_pre_blog_0003natalia_luis_pre_blog_0004natalia_luis_pre_blog_0042.jpgnatalia_luis_pre_blog_0005natalia_luis_pre_blog_0006natalia_luis_pre_blog_0045.jpgnatalia_luis_pre_blog_0046.jpgnatalia_luis_pre_blog_0007natalia_luis_pre_blog_0008natalia_luis_pre_blog_0009natalia_luis_pre_blog_0010

natalia_luis_pre_blog_0051.jpg natalia_luis_pre_blog_0052.jpg natalia_luis_pre_blog_0053.jpgnatalia_luis_pre_blog_0011 natalia_luis_pre_blog_0054_2.jpgnatalia_luis_pre_blog_0056natalia_luis_pre_blog_0057.jpgnatalia_luis_pre_blog_0013 natalia_luis_pre_blog_0059.jpgnatalia_luis_pre_blog_0060

Oh, and this is the lovely wedding invitation we’ve just got.


All photographs © Ingrid Mur


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